Sunday, May 23, 2010

Question The Rules

Question The Rules
Over the past few weeks I have been listening to a fantastic E-course called Question the rules; which I mentioned in an earlier post.
Now although I have mentioned this before I wanted to do a follow up because it has actually been of real benefit to me in a few different ways...

The first thing that I have learnt from this e-course is what I really want... now this sounds like a rather inconsequential thing I know, but it really is one of the most important pieces of information a person can learn about them selves.

Many people think they know what they want but when they get it are no more satisfied than before they achieved what they thought they wanted to achieve.
This often comes down to getting something that they thought they wanted but in truth really didn’t.

Why do people, me included, make these mistakes?

Because usually we want for the wrong things, most often we want for the things that society has taught us to want “I want to be rich” for example.

For me it was getting a job as far up the ladder of my industry as I could…and once I got there…I realised I really didn’t want to be there at all.

Funnily enough at that time I used to say to my co-worker (friend) “I just wish I could go sit on a mountain in Japan and meditate”…. While listening to QTR I had a light bulb moment and realised that here I was sitting in my house in Japan on top of a hill. Do I meditate? “No, but that’s not the point!”

The point is since getting to Japan I have been so focused on getting a good job and trying to once again be successful that I totally missed that I achieved what it was I really wanted. This little lesson has since helped me realise the things I want for the future based on what I really want and not what I think I should want.
The second thing that has been of great benefit to me is realising that even though I may not have all the resources and things I need to achieve my goals in the future it doesn’t mater. I can still start and I can do it the way I want to do it, Queue…. I did it my way sound tract…

It has awakened in me a new mindset in how business can start…while everyone else is saying “don’t put the horse before the cart” These guys are saying “Why not?”
“What happens if we do?” and “how can we make it work?”

One of the things I would love to do, is make a Monsterosity style urban vinyl toy but it is an expensive venture…so I thought well I can’t do it I have no munny?
However I have learnt the new way of thinking which is “ok how do I get the money, how long will that take and what else can I do while I am working that out”? Heaps!
And I have started….

The third thing in my long list of new and improved brain cells is realising that I am not alone in my adventure.
There have been many people before me that have started a business and made it work their own way in what ever industry that wanted to be in. With hard work and determination I and you can make it work. Even cooler than this revelation is that many of these people are just like you and I, they started at the beginning as babies just like you and I and if they can make it work then so can you and I!!!!

I bought this e-course because I have a head full of ideas but there is nothing businessy about me, and new I needed to start somewhere…but it turned out to be a changing force in my crazy little world and has given me the drive I needed to get things moving and to let go or at least ignore my self doubts and the concept that there is only one way to skin a cat…so to speak
The forth thing I wanted to write about is people, in QTR there is a string of interview with cool successful people form various different arenas. Listening to these interviews has given me all sorts of fantastic ideas and a super boost in confidence. But the most important thing is I realised that there are great successful people out there and they are nice helpful people.

I have had contact with two of the interviewees and was blown away with there helpfulness.
The first was John T Unger who put me on his blog because of an email I sent him, you can read my post about that here, and the second is Megan E Morris from Amazingly nice people!

The last thing I have to mention is the interaction; all my comments left during the course were all responded too, which really made me feel like there were people that cared behind it all

Thanks once again to Lee and Johnny for creating Question the rules.

And great big thanks to you if you made it to the end and read my entire dribble…

Have an awesome day!!!

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