Monday, May 3, 2010

Question the Rules: Punk rock tools for your DIY business and life

Hey every body!
So today I wanna share with you a fantastic thing that happened to me…hold on tight boys and girls it’s a long one
Now firstly I wanna premise this with saying the past 6 months have been a real struggle for me… not because of any thing in particular, but perhaps because I have been trying to find my way or work out what I’m doing with myself and have been feeling rather lost

But before I go any further I want to say this is not me looking for sympathy so before you all start thinking “oh god, here we go” I just wanted to give you the factual background.
Anyway so yesterday I was feeling low and despondent with my money fingers busily making things while my brain was saying “Why are you even bothering” when during a bout of procrastination I clicked over to Dave Navarro blog; The launch Coach. This is a great blog I have been reading for a couple months and you should too.
Dave had written a post about a new course called Question the rules and I tell you it really resinated with me, while most of these information courses are about business and online marketing, this one was really hitting the spot for me and the direction I wanna go in. As an arts guy, its unorthodox approach was something I really felt was being pitched in my direction and that I might actually be able to use.

"If you’re here and you’re reading this, let me tell you something I know about you: You are seriously punk rock, and nothing would please you more than to create (or improve) an awesome, nonconformist business and life."

So while bitting my lip and trying not to think about the debt I’m currently trying to clime out of I bought it...

I started listening to this thing with my cynical hat firmly on my head and really thought “Oh you idiot” this is just some recording of a couple guys talking crap to each other “fuck you a sucker” but boy was I wrong! The information, topics and interviews have a wealth of information and interesting mind sets that really blew me away. Some of these things I already knew and so gave me a great sense of reassurance and then there is a whole bunch of material and ideas that I hadn’t even given a thought too.

There are a whole bunch of interview with fantastic interesting real people that have some really interesting way of thinking…and made me feel well, less isolated as someone that wants to to their own thing.
So I wanted to tell everyone about this awesome course and how after a day it has already made a change to my feeling and ideas about what I want to do and the direction I want to go in. This cause has also helped me with the whole setting goals and working out what I really want, so I know what direction to go in.

I truly believe, the fact that I bought this, that it will certainly be part of the building blocks for any success in whatever venture I put my heart into in the future.
Thank you Johnny b. Truent and Lee Stranahn for your cool unconventional information course and for helping me get my spunk back! You guys rock!
You can check out Question the Rules here…