Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monsterosity work in progress

Here is another little work in progress update, I found this peice of Japanese Chirimen silk in a second hand shop near my work and new what it should become the instant i saw it...and of course Im covering it in clear vinyl plastic...heheh

I thought you might be intersted in the process so I included shots from fabric to the beginning of construction...let me know what you think.

This is one of three peices that will be in a group show at Artbox Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo,
which starts on the 9th of August so as you can see I have a lot of work to do! but I will keep you posted on the progress... 


Lance Corporal Dwayne P. Piggleton

Hey you'll,

Have you guys met Lance Corporal Dwayne P. Piggleton, you may not remember or you are a newbie here in which case WELCOME!!!! (did i just yell?) anyway I blogged about him and his awesome creator SouthernDrawl back in May.

Since then I have been seriously obsessively popping back and checking out this handsome hawt pink piggy on a regular basis, secretly praying he hasn't been snatched up by some one else...

So yesterday after three months of wishing and coveting I decided that I should own this pink little piggy... so I emailed Southern Drawl and inquired....and I am happy to report he will after all be mine.

Embarrassingly (and entirely due to my financial situation) I had to ask if I could pay for him in installments...but I got an email (very nice email BTW) back from SD with an all clear...

How excited am I!?

Portishead - Sour Times

Sloshed after ork...

Some times you meet a friend after work and jus need to have a couplle....tonight was that night so please excuse my key board bashing and enjoy a touch of my favorate...



ooops forgot the W

Ps: everything is pnk today just because...................

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monsterosity News

Whoa! three posts... he he desperatly trying to catch my tail.

Just a little Monsterosity work in progress picture update ...more later.

Blue Leopard Imp

Oh an this box arrived...I wonder whats in it?

Have a kick as awesome day everyone... now its off to work for me.

Hand Painting a My Little Pony

Ooooo… look two posts in one day...ha ha its all or nothin around here...
This video is so cool I have no words...its so cool in fact that I want to go out and buy a My Little Pony right now. Geee wizz I wish had kept my My Little Pony I had when I was a kid...

Hmmmm, not sure I should have mentioned that publicly, anyway...


Portishead - glory box

Hello peeps

Thought I should pop in here and say hello! Things as usual have been fairly busy and crazy around here...but the last month has been a real rollacoster, with things going wrong left right and center...but more on that later.
Unfortunatly I dont have enough time to give you a full report but here is some some of my fave Portshead to help get us(me) back on track(again!)


glory box

If your interested you can find more cool triphop funky tunes at

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hack Man

Hey peeps

I thought I should pop in here and say hello…

I was made aware just recently that few kind folks out there no only like to read my blog but were worried when I hadn’t posted in a bit…I have to say that is like the coolest thing I have every heard… way to make a guy feel loved…you people are awesome.
I am not so happy to report that I have unfortunately been really sick, It turns out I've had some weird inner ear problem that has been giving me some crazy dizzy vertigo and a whole lot of pukky grossness...
so I haven't been able to do much more than lay very still with my eyes closed hoping not to puke on everything...very boring!!! On the flip side I've been eating like a bird so my abbs are looking totally ripped...Hazaaa!! Super model training 101.

Anyway if you’re like me you probably think vertigo is fear of heights or something, well I am here to edjamacate you. It is in fact the feeling of dizziness (those of you who know me well please insert dizzy jokes in the comments below)…we all get it sometimes no big deal right…wrong!

This dizziness is like ridding you favorite how to make you self barf without alcohol ride at your favorite theme park 30 times straight without the fun of the ride or sad to say also without the alcohol…what s the point? I ask…

The funny thing is that basically we are machines, were not made of metal so we are not robots, well I’m not I can’t really speak for you… but sometimes things go wrong in our mechanics, some times a nut falls off (good heavens…no not mine!) or a screw comes loose or in my case a few tiny calcium crystals in my inner ear… these little crystals have then been  floating around in my inner ear tubes making me want to shout groceries.

Why am I telling you all this you are probably wondering and so this is why… Apparently Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (Bppv...thats what i gots) makes up 20% of dizziness in people under 30yrs and about 50% in people over 30yrs old. Here’s the thing, this is not a disease or illness it is just a spanner in the works and it its fairly easily fixed once diagnosed but can sometimes be overlooked… Bppv may also be associated with headaches and migraine
So if you’re feeling dizziness (not the ‘I can’t organize my way out of a wet paper bag with a knife’ kind of dizzy) or vertigo, lightheadedness, imbalance, and or nausea go to the doctor and ask.
It can be fixed and also prevented…if you would like to know more about BPPV click here

And now in celebration of my return from the land of regurgitation here is a most appropriate toy from Japanese toy designers, Mad Barbarians...

(a word to the wise, if you feel sick and might wanna have a chunky vom vom don’t type in vomit, sick, puke, heave, ralf, hearl, yak, spew,blow chunks,  the technicolour yawn, or any other word(s) in that vain in search of fun toy topics… it will not end well...Just trust me!)

Hack Man plush Keychains

Hack Man Plush

 You can get these fine products fro the fine folks at...

Ps:These guys also did some cool mini vinyl keychains of which I have two but I wasn't able to find out if they still make them.

Have a great day kids, dont let your lunch bounce!