Monday, May 3, 2010


It’s funny how life turns out....
About 15 months ago I left Australia and my old job as a professional costume maker swearing I would never sew or make another costume again.... lol silly the things we swear we will never do again, don’t you think?
I also thought that being in a non English speaking country and me being a non Japanese speaking dude that my chances of costume work would be very slim...but alas here I am saying yes to a job that has come through a friend of a friend and is right up my ally... a giant garlic mascot.
He he he.... the people were so nice and the mascot is so cute I couldn’t resist.

Once an addict always an addict I guess!
and I do love  garlic....

Any way here is a picture of the fun loving Giant Garlic, also you should check out the company’s web site/blog , yes it is all in Japanese but they got some fun pictures up and I think its always interesting to see how things look in a different country.
We are having a BBQ meeting at my house on the 9th of May, so I will keep you posted with step by step progress reports...

Have a great day!


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