Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Huston We Have A Problem

A computer crash at Monsterosity headquarters has caused company wide panic and havoc this week. In an article only a few weeks ago Monsterositys president spoke of their plans for upgrading their technology and equipment, it seems they left it to late.

In a press conference this morning Monsterosity President and CEO of Custom Empire said that with his Flight to Australia only two weeks away this disaster couldn't have happened at a worse time and the prospects of recovery and being safely up and running any time soon doesn't look good. He went on to say that this has also had a devastating effect on Custom Empire the parent company... thusly impacting the Custom Empire blog.

"I'm here to let you know that we have retreated to regroup and work out our next strategy the company president said with a brave hand raised in reassurance, "so that we can come back in force next year, I will of course do everything in my power to get everything back up ASAP" He said.

At this point it is believed the crash was caused by sabotage possibly by someone in within the Monsterosity organization.

"We have our suspicions but no hard and fast proof as of yet" the company president said.
The photo above was taken by the company security cameras at the time of the incident. If you look closely you can see a suspicious looking person in the back ground, "unfortunately the photo is not clear enough for us to identify who this person is".

"If you know this person or have any information regarding the heinous act of sabotage please come forward. Your help is greatly appreciated". the company president said.