Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cool shit happens when you do nice things

Well this post has really been a long time coming!

The reason I say that is because it is about something that happened to me a few weeks ago but life has been tough and it just seems to keep getting in the way of me... well pulling my shit together.

That said I’m doing my best with what I got right now, so mum if you’re reading everything is fine and every thing will work out one way or another…it always does!

Anyway back to the really super cool thing that happened to me.

Well as you guys know from an earlier post, I bought an online course called ‘Question the Rules’ (very very F@#king good) anyway included in this course are a bunch of interviews you can listen to.
One of those interviews is with the artist John T. Unger a very cool, successful and nice guy, as I was soon to discover.

So I was listening to the interviews in succession and the third interview was with John T. Unger, now I was more acutely paying attention to this interview because it said he was an artist...which I think I am also.
Now although his name seemed familiar to me it was when he started talking about his fire bowls that I rushed over to Etsy to look at my favourites list and made the connection, he was one of the first artists on Etsy I had reserved in my favourites list, if not for the reason that he wasn’t a painter or doing any of the commonly found art on Etsy and was working more in the sculptural 3D world.

Anyway I listened to that interview twice and then I was compelled to write to him and let him know that he had had a positive influence from doing this interview and by being who he is. You can read the email I sent him on his blog, here. (Some of which I used in this post)

The next morning I woke up and checked my emails and there was an email from him… this is the email I received.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for taking the time to write one of the coolest, most rewarding emails I've ever gotten. It means a lot to hear back from people who've been inspired by the example I try to set. I liked what you wrote so much that I used it in two blog posts about Johnny's course, which I hope you won't mind… I also included a few links to your etsy store since I really do dig what you're doing.
I don't know if you've found it yet, but I have a new(ish) site called Art Heroes Radio where I do weekly podcasts about business, marketing and lifestyle issues for artists. I'm sharing most of what I've learned over the years as a professional artists about how to make it work. If your digging QTR, I think you'd really like
Art Heroes. Plus, it's free.

Check it out at

And do keep me posted as you grow your art business. Screw the guys that tell you that you're crazy— what have they done that's so impressive?

Rock on,


So in case you have missed the punch line, this cool man not only returned my email and not only put me on to his blog but also linked it to my shop with a recommendation.

Now if that isn’t awesome I don’t know what is…Thanks John!

You know some times when we are starting out and everyone is telling us "thats not a real job" or "your crazy if you think you can make a living doing that" we can feel really isolated, so I wanted to share this to let people know that we are not alone....there are nice cool people out there just like you and me trying and succeeding.... I also wanted to get across to every one...

"Doing nice things for people, with no expectation of gain is really cool and more often than not you end up being rewarded for it."

So you know...John T also has an awesome blog (as mentioned above) called Art Heroes Radio, it has a whole bunch of great written info for artists and artistic business as well as some great weekly pod casts/interviews to listen to…so go there now, there is stuff there you should be absorbing and learning. Plus, it's free!

till next tme...


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