Sunday, May 16, 2010

Deep thinking, Sharing and caring…Oh my god that man has no shirt on!

I have desided that this is a blog about me...he he he  but more importantly it is a blog in which I get to share the things  I and hopfully you will find interesting. This particular post is about me and a comment I shared on a new blog I like to read, the one and only  Johnny B Truant.
You can read his blog(highly recomended) and the post I commented on (preferably after you finnished reading my post...hehe)here

Tattoos, the psychology behind them and the inherent link they often have to a persons life, is a really awesomely interesting topic... here’s my personal journey.

I went from having zero tattoos to getting 2/3's of my back inked in less than a month, and it had a very interesting affect on both me and the people in my life at the time.

Many people simply asked "why?!" but at the time I couldn't put it into words and give people a good answer, however over time the answer has solidified.
While many people thought I got my tattoo to look cool or tough, the truth really came down to me making a statement to myself (not everyone else) That statement is, that no matter what happens in my life no mater how it changes or how I grow and change one thing will always remain the same "I will always be me"
 So in many ways my tattoos were a personal right of passage for me to show myself that I could do anything and that even though I was different on the inside (and now largely on the outside) I would always be me and everyone else would just have to accept me for who I am or fuck off.
All that said and now that some years have passed, I have changed as a person and the meanings of my tattoos have grown and changed with me.

Now they carry the reminders of a time gone by, some good, some bad, and remind me that no mater what is going on good, bad, painful or otherwise “this too will pass” but I will remain and so will the art on my skin…
While this seems to relate directly to my ink it really is about a fundamental shift in my thinking and the recognition that while good and bad things pass us by, good and bad things follow in there wake and the only constant sure things in life are change and you being who you are… oh and maybe death and taxes .

Thanks for reading....

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