Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cool Shit!

I did a little etsy surfing and found cool things to share with you...This week all my finds are from an etsy shop called
 Kat Brunnegraff....

I like that she dose some graphic looking work, artwork, prints and of course completely grabbed my attention with her colours and a very cool customized vinyl toy...

Argyle Owl Pillow
These cute Argyle Owl pillows are made by fuish.
They're 12 inches tall by 10 inches wide and made of a Linen-Cotton blend on custom printed fabric.
Mother Bear's Moon Song
Glossy mini prints 5.83"x 4.13" by Furis

Mr. Raccoon's Midnight Moon Song Mini Print
 glossy mini prints are 5.83"x 4.13" by Furis

Tribal Snow Tiger
This custom Chaos Monkey was done for the Multiversal Group show at Art Basel Miami.
You can see more of there work here
Or follow there blog here

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