Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What the hell is a Ninniku anyway?

As I mentioned in the last post life has been busy… and thus the crazyness continues…

 I don’t know about you but I think one of the coolest (and possibly most terrifying) things in the world is seeing me on someone else’s blog with a whole bunch of stuff written in Japanese undoubtedly about well you know who. Ok ok so its possible they are also talking about our giant Ninniku (garlic) project but lets just indulge my ego on this one it makes for a better story…

Any way I have to tell you that when I saw the photos of yours truly on the Ninniku (garlic) blog I was so excited I had a little crazy laugh erupt from me (given I’m a little drunk)…and then I was like "Oh my god people will see me… Ahhhhh!!!" But all is well because a few sips (gulps) of a very nice sake and I am back to giggle pops.

If you are new as I know a couple of you are WELCOME!!! (Did I just yell?) or missed my post a few months back I am making a giant garlic (ninniku) costume for some friends of friends who have a garlic(ninniku) business.

We had a BBQ a couple weeks ago and got stuck into it…we (I) also did some work… If you’re interested and why the fuuuu… fatuties, wouldn’t you be? You can see a couple photos of, well me in action… click on over to and check it out.
 Now because I was working/drunk at the last Ninniku (garlic) meting/BBQ I failed to take photos so seriously you’ll have to pop over to keep up with whats going on… now now don’t freak out because its all in Japanese, you only have to pop over, have a looksee at the pickies and then come back here to the safety of Monsterosity English

As for progress I promiss (although I guarantee nothing if beer is involved) to take photos at the next Ninniku (garlic) meeting, which looks like it will be next weekend… which reminds me I have work to do!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

 Ps: I taught you guys a new Japanese word today, can anyone tell me what it is?

 Pps: if you think you might like to try some of the Ninniku (garlic) sauce flick me an email, my people will talk to your people an we'll T something up

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  1. Loving the new language course old boy! word! :)

    Costume is going to be MAG"NIFFY"CENT (se wot I did there?!) x;0)

    And I'll give the sauce a swerve but will insist on being taken to the barbie should we ever make it over afraid...

    Hope Artbox is going fabulously?!