Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indy Grrrl

Yesterday I was doing some research (procrastinating) on the net and stumbled upon a funky looking blog... it is mostly for chicks but there was some cool movie reviews so after reading a bit I clicked follow and surfed on.

This morning I checked my email and was pleasantly surprised to see indygrrrl had not only clicked follow on my blog but left a lovely comment too.

If there is anything a blog writer likes, even or especially new writers, its… comments!
Those of you who leave comments here and already know me... Know well that I suck at  the whole comments thing, what can i say? I need to get over myself and try harder. I usually read any comments left, then get all panicky because I don’t know what to write back and i dont want to come off looking stupid... so then i dont end up writing anything, how stupid is that!? Anyways that’s beside the point...

The point is however after reading a few articles on indygirrrls blog and her visiting my blog and leaving a nice message, I have learnt a lesson from all this... Just do it!(thank you nike)  Just write something! This doesn’t mean going to someone’s blog and writing some random comment like "Scooby Doo where are you?" just for the fuck of it (although I would find that somewhat amusing) but it also doesn’t mean it has to be the most in-depth earth shattering deep and meaningful Woo-Woo statement either... (Note: to self second half of statement applies to me.)
Take the few minutes it takes and encourage the comments culture and connection with others that is so rewarding. Now im sure this isn’t ground breaking news to most people but for me the light bulb flicked on... and I think the most amusing part of all this, is I teach language and what is language?  Communication.

So I have to say im always absolutly thrilled to get any comments and realized today that comments are communication, connection and most importantly contact with others... and that’s why bloggers blog to communicate, connect and make contact. What a revelation...he he he

So thank you indygirrrl for an unexpected little epiphany!

Anyway thats enough yammering on from me... Indy girrrl’s blog is full of fun stuff as is her etsy shop... On her blog she writes about many things and while nail polish and lip gloss don’t do it for me, just sayin.... she also writes about music, food, fashion, art and does some really kick ass movie reviews. I think we have the same taste in movies just so ya know...

Her etsy shop IndyGrrrlProductions is full of brightly coloured things, jewelery for the most part but she also makes up Mystery Boxs...  check out her shop to solve the mystery

Now I could go into her style but personally I think it is much better for you to hop on over to her blog and have a look... and I also challenge you to do something nice today leave a comment over there , Im sure it would make her day as I know it would make mine and bleave it or not probably yours too!

as always... Enjoy!

Green Apple - Necklace

Craft Bear Earrings

Graffiti  Necklace

Mystery Box No. 66

Have a great day kids!


  1. Awww, what a nice post : ) Thank you so much. It's nice to connect with cool people.

    I would enjoy a random Scooby Doo where are you comment. Random makes the world go round.

  2. I can't believe I typed nice twice.

  3. Your totally welcome!

    I wont hold the nice thing against you...thats just the kinda Woo-woo people we are around here...

    I have to say "me too" a random scooby doo would be funny...

  4. and yes it is nice to connect with nice people...

  5. was that a trap to make me say nice twice?

  6. Yup! Totally a trap. *Evil laugh*

  7. What ever happened to Indy Grrrl?