Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ninniku Progress Update- I've been framed!!

As promissed  here are some much awaited progress photos of the giant garlic costume I am making for some friends of friends family business, who are now my friends... did you follow that?

The first step of the project was for me to look at the design and talk with the client; we did this in the very professional environment of Monsterosity House with Beer and a BBQ.
At our second meeting I took measurements and then drew the full scale silhouette of the garlicus ginormous on the wall for them to see the size, shape and what have you.(as seen in the last update at Ninniku) also with Beer and BBQ.
 In the past week I bought some PVC pipe... a trick I learnt from a very clever friend of mine(we use to use cane) and proceeded to cut heat and shape the pieces slowly piecing Ninnikun together using the full scale silhouette patten made on the wall at the last BBQ... I also created a side silhouette pattern for the front and back struts and a pattern for the horizontal circular/oval struts. The pattern was constructed from the criteria of the client based on what the costume needs to do and also the reality of keeping, storing and  transporting a costume as big as this. For example we have made this Ninniku oval shaped (side view) so that he can go through doors (sideways) but we have kept his  silhouette(front view) wide and round in keeping with the design and so on and so forth.

Anyway two Mondays ago we did a preliminary fitting and a look see so every one could get a general feel for it... this time we had pizza, awesome apple juice and some cake...yum!
 The next step in the process is to cut shape and bend the rest of the support struts so that the shape has a total of 8 vertical struts...this will make Ninniku superhero strong and give me a good guide line for cutting the foam. While this is a long and boring step it is the most important as the next foam layer relies on the frame for its shape. making sure he is round in shape and not facetted.
Next step foam...

If your hard core you can go and read(Japanese) the Ninniku blog (highly recomended) or you can stay here in safty and comfort for your garlic viewing pleasure. 



First Fitting

Have a great day people!

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