Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just recently I found and have been watching an internet show called Toy Break, this is a very cool show that airs once a week and is all about my favorite thing in the world toys!
I also decided to join their forum where there are lots of cool friendly people talking toy stuff...I highly recommend a visit if toys are your thing in any way.

Anyway whilst watching this show George and Ayleen were sent some one of a kind custom toys by one of there forum members Monsterforge

Monster Forge hand sculpted figurines called "Kawaiiju" ("Kawaii" is the Japanese word used to describe anything cute, and "Kaiju" means mysterious beast-- so this is a blending of the two!). Being Japanese in influence I personally was instantly interested.
Each monster was given a name, a hand drawn header with the name and a profile of each monster on the back and all of the pieces also included a hand drawn card. Boy what a lot of work!

The toys were blind-bagged in little paper outer-baggies, so no one had any idea of who would get what... but part of the fun of the blind bagging is the "Golden" Ticket! If you were the lucky dog to get the baggy with the magical Kawaiiju Golden Ticket you could send it back to claim your very own for Big Daddy (and who the hell doesn’t want their own big daddy?), the biggest Kawaiiju of them all!

To make this whole thing even more awesome, MonsterForge shared his entire process from sketches to casts on the Toy Break/ Octobertoys forum and answered any questions people had... what a cool dude!!!
I beleive this Kawaiiju series was his first series which Im sad to say I missed out on but lets all hope he does a series 2… I’ll keep an eye out and let you guys know…

Lastly I  have to say that I think this is really really cool, I don’t think there is anything better than getting your very own toy that no one else in the world has, in this world of mass production owning your very own one of a kind hand crafted piece really is a special thing...
Well done Monsterforge!!


You can check out more of Monsterforge's gear and or stalk him on his blog
Or check out his art on devient art

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