Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cool Shit! Pretty Dead Things

Although this is not new information and these colourfully cool but creepy critters have been around for a while I thought they were interesting and would look rather pretty here, so better late than never I say...

These colorful specimen samples are created from a new Japanese technology which has been named “Transparent Specimen technology”.

This new technology renders the skin and muscles of small animals and fish transparent allowing us the ability to see through the body to observe the inner workings of the, blood circulatory system stomach heart and other organs and of coarse its skeleton.
 The biggest benefit of this technology is that scientists are now able see inside the bodies of these creatures with out ever cutting into or opening up the bodies with surgical knife and thusly causing no damage.
 Making these specimens transparent with the aptly named “Transparent Specimen technology” takes several months to half year of bleaching the animal’s body and also a special process to make protein clear...

Following that, special liquids (dyes?) are used to change the colour of the cartilage to blue and the bones to a pink magenta colour.... Hmmm Did anyone else put carnations in coloured (dyed) water in school changing the colour of the veins in the petals…weee…I just had a little flash back I wonder if there were special chemicals in that dye? I remember it being so much fun and magical 
 Anyway although this technology was created for scientist to be able to see the organs of small animals without cutting any part of body, these specimens are now fast becoming popular as interior objects as well… yes that’s right you can in fact buy these and have them in your home.
 I havent been able to find them online but if you live in  or are going to visit Japan(and me) You can buy these colourful specimens here for around 500yen($5) to 5000yen($50) depending on size at Tokyu Hands ... and I also saw these guys at Design Festa this past year. I didn’t realize at the time that you could actually buy them... so guess what I will be purchasing at the November Design Festa this year... ohhh pretty!!


Ps: sorry for the slightly dry writing today guys this was translated from a Japanese website and I did it in a rush...

Have an awesome day!!!

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