Sunday, March 14, 2010

YAY! We have winners!

Wow, I have to tell you I feel like a black lady on a talk show....Thank you Oprah! hehehe...
I got six comments and so I have six winners; I love it when everybody wins.
Mimilove, Beefranck, Selina, Shae, Belilah and RedHairedMary
I would like to thank you all for popping over and joining in the fun…

Mimilove and Beefranck I wouldn’t skip on you guys even if you paid me, so Mimilove march on over to the Monsterosity shop and make your choice right now young lady… go on its fun right!?

All I need now are some addresses so I can post out your ferocious little Piranha.
Please email me at...
Thanks again everyone

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