Monday, March 22, 2010


This week I was the lucky recipient of a fantastic piece(s) of art by a very talented artiste I have been privileged enough to come into contact with and get to know....the Fabulous Mimilove
As an avid browser of Etsy and flickr I happened upon this artists work and was instantly a fan, her pieces cover so many aspects that I look for in artwork that is very rarely addressed. They have vivid colour, texture, humor and great composition showing a fun and flirty but clearly talented technique.

The combination of colour, both in the painted and then stitched details are amazing and the impact of these pieces in person are nothing less than fantastic.
This all started a few months ago...To my amazement after some mutual messages and flattery Mimilove asked if I would be interested in a swap...Well, I was both excited and nervous at the same time but didn’t hesitate in saying yes, and she was then wonderfully patient with me while I got my proverbial S*#T together.

I have to say also that I am the first recipient in this mutual swap and Mimilove is still showing her awesome patients with me, who is still stitching...."Its coming Mimi, I promise!"
Anyway…. enough about me, back to the talented Mimilove.
I also wanted to point out the fantastic thought and personalization that goes into her art pieces.
For me Mimi painted a Woodsman spider(I love spiders and all things crawly) The woodsman is a native spider to both Australia and Japan, as am I.
There are also multiple references to Japan in the form of little Godzillas or as they are now aptly named Mimizillas, a hello kitty and the list goes on.

As if that wasnt enough........She even included this one as a  little gift....its  like Christmas!

So a great big thank you to you Mimilove!!! I love my new artworks.....You Rock lady!
If you would like to see more of Mimiloves awesome work,  and why wouldnt you? you can stalk her at these places, I do!


Ps: Mimi is like totally super friendly too, so don't forget to say Hello....and I beleive if you buy something there is a friend forever offer going on, read about it in her profile in her shop...hehe!

Ok its back to stitching for me

Mata ne!


  1. AAWW shucks!

    Thank you and your big beautiful fun-fur filled heart! x:)

    It's been completely my pleasure...and Mr.Mimi is chuffed to bits that one of his boxes has made it onto the interweb! x;0)

  2. These are awesome! Checked out the etsy store, very tempted to get a pet portrait done.

  3. You totally should, I am so impressed that I am going to get a custom done as a gift for someone special, but I cant say who just incase they read my blog....;)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I love her work! So fun, colorful & thought provoking!

  5. I can't believe how incredibly talented she is. I wish I could paint with a scrap of that talent.She's also very generous in her praise of the lesser talented mortlas. Lucky you to own some of her gorgeousnesses.