Monday, March 15, 2010

New Toy!!!

Ha ha... No not that kind of toy silly.

Today I was a bad boy and invested a lot into a long time honored art called procrastination, like all arts it takes time, effort, diligence and quite often money....

Whilst I was busily stitching away this morning I got a call from my cool American friend asking if I was busy, now while I was diligently saying "Yes, I 'm crazy busy today" I also found myself asking if he had, had lunch and saying that I could come and meet him... I’m so good at this procrastination it's like second nature.

After lunch and much chatting I found myself talking about bikes(bicycles) and how I wanted one to get around, to my surprise we found a bike shop, low and behold the bike I wanted was there and  wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. WOO HOO! 
I have coveted these bikes since I came to Japan and have been saving for one for some time now...before I knew it my wallet was out and the bike was mine...procrastination wins again!

Four hours later  after just heading out for lunch I came home with a brand spanking shiny new bike.
Ha! Isn’t she a beauty...

Now, I know this wasn't  a craft related topic but I was very excited and wanted to share…

Thanks for reading


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  1. You Sir have flickr mail! ;0)
    And may I say that is a magnificent bit of cycley you be careful; I want to see fluorescent riding gear and protective headwear...with a Monsterosity twist!