Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Fishy Bribe

With giveaways such a big topic in the blogging world right now; the focus being on whom these promotions really benefit, the artist or the blogger… I have decided that since I am both; I get a double scooping of benefit… and it also benefits you the reader.

My thoughts on the mater, well I have decided are very much beside the point however you might get an idea of my colour on the subject from my blog title….and it is exactly that, which I am gonna do…buy friends! anyway I like to give people things when I can.

I offer 1 Piranha to the first 5 people to follow my blog, the catch is you have to follow my blog then click over to my shop Monsterosity, pick out the Piranha you would like then come back here and post your choice colour in the comments with a friendly hello.

Easy right?!

If you would like to read more on the interesting topic of giveaways and who they really work for drop into poppytalk, it is a very interesting topic and a great blog to read.

Happy fishing!


  1. BAM! She shoots...she scores! x;0)
    Mwhahah I'm the first!

    But I shant be a greedy munkee and claim a fishy cos we know something they don't know...YET!
    Big loves going out to the Monsterosity Possee!

  2. Yay! I'm second! :) Nice to see you here, Ads!

    I love the orange one with the purple, yellow and green. GORGEOUS. But I feel greedy. :/ You can skip over me if you want to share the monsterosity love with someone new!

  3. I love your stuff! Polkadot Mouse is awesome! You really don't have to send me a fishy. Though I do love this one

    Happy blogging!

  4. I love the pink blue and red one (, although any of the piranhas with pink faces are adorable.

    I love your creations, they are so vibrant!

  5. Pink green yellow and orange striped :)

  6. Ooooh! The polka dot pirhanna is adorably monsterous! Or is it monsterously adorable? :)

  7. I hope I am not too late... I love your creatures, they are so cool! The pink and yellow piranha would be my favourite if I still have a chance. Thank you very much!