Monday, June 14, 2010

Monsterosity news

Hey all, how is everybody this fine evening? Keeping your selves busy and off the streets I hope!
I know it has been a crazy busy time for a lot of my friends and boy it feels like thats an understatement for us here at Monsterosity.

To start us off, hot off the machine and just in at Monsterosity… leopard print mini pouches… please slide your eyes over to the right sidebar check em out and by all means feel free to pop on over to the shop  but don’t forget to read all the other good goss below.

On the good news front...  A couple of weeks ago Monsterosity entered a competition on a bit of a whim and I am very happy to report that we are one of 23 artists selected to be involved in an exhibition at Art Box International Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. Cool huh? Very excited here!!!
The Exhibition is running from the 8th of August so I’ll be sure to keep you updated and of course post some pics of the event after the fact….
And last but not least …While crazy busy seems to be the norm here in Yokohama, I have non the less been trying to do a little bit of monster making every day even if its just 15 minutes, an eye an ear a leg or whatever… so below are a couple work in progress pictures of some new critters to come…

I hope you like them and Ill keep you updated on their progress…

Ps: While I ran out of time to put together my usual “Cool Shit” I’ll be sure to put something together for next week…I promise!

Those of you waiting on things to come in the mail... You know who you are! Your long wait will soon be over as there has been a seriously major organization overhaul going on. Again ill keep ya posted!
 Thanks for reading

Have a kick ass awesome day!!!


  1. Hey Adam! I just followed your link from Question the Rules and wanted to commend you on making the leap and living in Japan to chase your dream. Your work is excellent!

  2. Teehee! Queen Mum of Bee dropping by to spread some more loving your way! x;0)

    You really are a genius of the highest order!

  3. Hey, Adam. This is Michael.

    I live near Kawawacho Station. (川和町駅)

    I dunno if you need directions, but you're getting them anyway!

    You can go from either Kikuna or ShinYoko and it costs the same amount of money..
    However from Shinyoko Station the train ride is about 5 minutes shorter.

    Kikuna Station JR Line(For Hashimoto 4 stations 橋本行) ==>
    Nakayama Station【中山駅】Yokohama Subway Green Line (For Hiyoshi 1 Station 日吉行)

    Anyway, that's the gisht.

    See ya, and keep in touch!

  4. Michael again.

    BTW, sorry for being so drunk on the phone. It won't happen again, hehe.

    And it looks like rain this Sunday, so we might not be able to enjoy a tonbi-free BBQ as discussed..

    And because of the rain, bicycles will probably be out of the question. We might meet up at Yokohama afterall! (my beer gut was getting worried for a second there!)

    Anyway, I'll get in touch with you by keitai-email or something later on in the week. Take care!