Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cool Shit!

A little bit late but here it is....

If you spend any time with me you will quickly come to know that I am obsessed with texture, this is as I would describe it to my friends..."Like some kind of sickness"
My craziness about texture affects every part of my life from the food I eat, the face wash I use, the soft furnishings in my house(and hard furnishings) the clothes I wear and of course the materials I use in my arty pursuits.

The feel of an object elicits an instant response from me so much so that some of my friends think its funny to get me to try strange foods just to see my face in horror trying to eject the nasty icky feeling from my mouth when I don’t like the texture....thank the gods beer has a good texture!

While I have always preferred sculpture over painting give me a painting that has texture, be it thick globby paintyness or stitchy texture as in Mimilove's(click the link cool shit follows) awesome work; with whom I hope to have a stitchy affair with after our recent stitchy fling...if you not sure what I’m talking about...you can read about it here http://mimiloveforever.blogspot.com/

Oooh um, side tracted ahh yes...um....oh that’s right! Yes, give me a painting with texture and I’m in love... if its a pleasing texture that is! If its a icky texture I may still like it but the likely hood of me wanting it in my house is well...not so high.
Any who thats enough sharing form me; so as im sure you have guessed todays touchy feely goodness Cool shit! is all form artists who make great feely come touch me textury artiness.
Click the names and through the magic of the internets you will be transported to their stores in Etsyland where you can spend, shop and be merry!


floaty paper mobiles

felt wall art and iphone/gadget covers

Handmade modern paper Polish ornaments

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