Friday, September 3, 2010

Masking in practice

"So you wrote a post on masking" I hear you say... "Writing is the easy part but can you actually do it?" and the answer is yes! Not amazingly but not to bad either ;)

So here are a few work in progress shots of my very first customized vinyl toy....and a little information on how he is being made....

This guy has been painted with a blend technique with Tamiya Color and then I used masking to do the stencil type design on his head...

To do the design on his head I covered it with painters masking and drew the design on free hand.

Note* learn from my mistakes!
  • Try not to overlap your masking tape in one place creating multiple layers. why? because if you are drawing the design on the tape and then cutting it out with a scalpel you will have to cut through too many layers.. This means you need to push very hard and end up cutting the vinyl this is difficult to fix. One or two layers of tape is fine, if you find its unavoidable to have multiple layers, cut slowly and carefully.

  • When cutting the design out try not to push to hard... so as to avoid cutting the vinyl. same as the above but its important!

  • Think carefully before you remove the tape once the tape has been removed it is very difficult almost impossible to re-mask it in the same place.... if it is possible it will take you a millennium to do it! After I removed the tape i thought how cool would it be t have an outline on the design. I could have done this with masking... now i have to do it free hand(AHH!!) or try to remask

  • Because I drew the design for this guy free hand it isnt very eve but for my first guy, I'm ok with that... If you want you design to be symmetrical, try drawing you design on some card or paper first then cut it out and use it for a reference to draw around.
 This guy i a work in progress so I will keep you updated as I add to him and how I go about doing so.

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