Sunday, September 5, 2010

In need of good hardware

In the past few months I’ve had several hardware issues, my laptop is old, going on 5 or 6 years now and things are starting to break. While this is not the end of the world it is important to me, you see, my laptop is my connection to my friends and family in Australia, my access to my arty design businessy stuff, all my correspondence to the companies in china im currently working with, my entertainment and of course my blog and you guys here.
So last weekend when my laptop died or the second time this month (i think its part cat and has 9 lives, we're down to 6 more) I asked a friend for help and we went looking for laptops. I looked and looked and besides realizing that computers have become really cheap I also realized I still cant afford one... but that’s a problem easily solved... that’s simply a change in my priorities and spending habits and some patients.
 Anyway being arty in nature I looked at apple of course because there good computers and their pretty. I've used a Mac before so I know how it goes but I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with what i saw. I don’t know if this is because they didn’t hit the mark for me or im just over exposed to them, so they now seem every day ho not sure.
 Anyway we shopped on and "oh boy" does everything look the same, now I know Apple have been super popular and they really spun heads mostly with there design (I'll talk OS in a minute) but I came to a really interesting conclusion... these days its hard to buy a crappy computer, now this depends on how much you spend and what you expect but in all honesty if your reasonably level headed you get what you pay for and even then the cheap ones are fairly good.

So if you’re like me how do you decide what to buy...well if most people are like me and not a tech head it comes down to a few software requirements which are usually easily met and then basically its all about cost and looks. I mean even the OS isn’t really that important (Oh dear...I can hear the outrage from here... remember people Im not a tech head or expert in any way. Mr layman here!), I currently use windows and if I bought a Mac I would simply learn and get use to the different system, and its true I might decide its better but the reverse is also possible so unless your a die hard fan of one or the other (which i would have to question your motives there)  in my eyes it really doesn’t matter.

This conclusion unfortunately doesn’t help me one little bit in my decision... I have no need to belong to the apple is cool club or the windows is the first and the best club or any other this is better than that club I just need some good hardware...
So on that note I have worked out my soft were requirements and next I decided on a comfortable software/ hardware cost... and so we come to design.
The one laptop that really knocked my socks of was the Sony Vaio E Series

But before we look at what makes them unique it’s worth looking at some of the features that they share not only with each other, but with other laptops in the E series – for a start they all come equipped with processors from the 2010 Intel Core family, which combined with up to 4GB DDR3 RAM should be able to cope with whatever you wish to throw at it.
You’ve also got a pretty wide range of storage options available (up to 1TB) and a more than respectable range of ATI Mobility Radeon 5000 series graphics cards to choose from which means that pretty much whatever model you go for you will be able to browse, play games (although perhaps not the latest examples) and multitask with comfort.
First up for the the very colorful and customizable Sony Vaio E series laptop computer in the accessories department is the Bluetooth Slider Mouse. The Bluetooth Slider mouse for the E series has customizable skins with lots of different colors nine of them in total. The colors available include Black, White, Green, Gold, Blue, Pink, Orange and Violet.
But perhaps the best features on the E series is the three buttons that sit on the slim chassis entitled ‘WEB’, ‘ASSIST’ and ‘VAIO’ each of which provides a one touch shortcut to something that will, at some point, be useful to you!

I’ll start with perhaps the best of the three: ‘WEB’. This allows you to start browsing the internet without booting up your PC, meaning you can get online quickly which is ideal when you just need to nip on to check and email or look something up, and the fact that it supports multi-tabbed and split browsing should make it even easier to use. Obviously it’s a pain if you then have to boot up your PC anyway, but that’s a small sacrifice!
Secondly there’s the ‘ASSIST’ button, which is essentially a fast track to the VAIO care which should help you to maintain, diagnose and ultimately fix your VAIO if you get yourself in need of help!

Last but not least one of the coolest things about the Sony Vaio E series, the optional Keyboard Skin’s. The Keyboard skins can be placed right over the already existing Chiclet styled keyboard on the E series Vaio laptop. Sony has made available five colors and they are Blue, Green, Pink, Black and Violet.

How about all that computer talk...did I bore you to death? So after all that here is my problem... what colour should I buy? Im tossing up between the sleek and stylish White and the fun and exciting vibrant blue...

Which do you like?

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