Sunday, November 21, 2010

Design Festa Vol. 32

So a couple weeks ago I said Id get back to you lovely folks about my time at design festa... unfortunately I have ad the flu so haven’t been doing much more than laying around feeling pathetically sorry for myself... looking like a bad cold and flu commercial. Feel free to have a chuckle I think its funny myself.

Any who I also did a lot of thinking on how I wanted to deliver the info I collected from the super cool artists at DF and decided that the best thing for me to do was to break it up into sections (artists) so you folks would have the time to pop on over to their various websites and also so I didn’t have to write a great big huge long post... everybody wins; love that!

The other thing I need to tell ya is that Im not gonna give you a generalized rundown of DF so if you would like that kinda info I think the best blog to pop on over to is Kaiju Korna. Andy has a great blog with a great run down on DF as well as being totally on top of things as far as toy events and stuff happening in Tokyo.

So with out any further babble here’s the beginning of a long list of Cool artists I met at DF VOL 32.

Ok so I told you a little lie I didnt actually get to meet the artist behind this display because they werent there when i was but it was a cool display with a custom Munny and some very coll resin cast toys. The have a great website and a lot of it is in English. You can check them out here...

Twitter- vista_lab

Custom Munny  very cool!

Have a great day pepole and stay tuned for more artists from DF VOL 32.

Thank for stopping by!!!

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