Thursday, November 25, 2010

Design Festa Vol 32. Nijisuke

The next artist in our DF series is Nijisuke. This guys painting were fantastic. Unfortunately I went to Design Festa with a very tight budget and set plans for said budget so I wasn’t able to buy from this talented guy... something i still regret. But not to worry, cos, we have all his contact details. I cant stress enough how cool these painting really were, they were full of great vibrant colour as well as texture and pattern... the photos really don’t do them justice. On top of being a great artist he was a super cool dude. In fact if you a look at my photos and or his blog, and you find something you like, love, cant live without, send me an email an I’ll do what I can to help, you know with the Japanese and stuff like that.... that’s how much I liked this guy and his art.

Anyway you can check out more of his art at the link below its a japanese blog but dont worry just go down the left side to the menu list and start clicking around... 


Thanks for reading guys, have a kick ass awesome day!!!

Stay tuned for more great artists from DF coming soon to a Monsterosity blog near you

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