Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ninniku Update

Hey hey, so as I mentioned in the last post I have finished the giant garlic, Ninniqun, and he went off to his home in Aomori on the 19th.

Anyway because I have been so crazy busy I haven’t been able to keep you up dated, however as there is a typhoon today I have no distractions and no excuse not to sit here at my coputer and catch you up on all the Ninniku(garlic) happenings of the last month as well as some progress photos. As with all the other posts on Ninniqun, you can of course head on over to the Ninniku blog to check it out in Japanese.

First up here are some photos of Ninniqun with half the foam on...

The following photos are from the Ninniku blog as I got more busy the documentation of the project on my behalf went out the window...

Full foam
I drew up the eyes so Aya could see what it would look like

On Japanese TV... yes, thats right I'm a star in my own living room...hehehe

Sewing the garlic skin in my tiny work room

Putting the skin on, checking the fit

Working out the face, we dide this before the skin was finished because Aya and Yu were at my house. Once we marked the face possition the skin came off again too finnish sewing it.
I was also lucky to have a faithful assistant handing me pins...

Aya and Yu work out the mouth position...

Working on the inside

Every one needs giant oversized boots... looks like blue is the colour of the day too.

Alive and well in Aomori with friends and family

The day most of these photos were taken and the day the biggest part of this project was done, was originally organised for my birthday BBQ. However I was sobusy that i needed to cancle the BBQ. All my mates came over anyway and it turned into a grat day of working and  fun.... So a great big thank you to all my palls here in Japan for coming over, keeping me company, and helping me out... you guys rock!

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