Sunday, October 31, 2010

アダムの誕生日 (だけどニンニキュンの制作中)

As I mentioned in the last Ninniku update the day I did most of the work on Ninniqun was my birthday or at least the day organized to be my birthday celebration but due to being so busy I needed to cancel the BBQ we were going to have at my place so I could continue working and finish Ninniqun on time... this day was also special (possibly more so) because it marks the second anniversary of my decision to quit my Job in Australia as the senior costume cutter of the South Australian Theatre Company and set out on my own adventure, a decision which at times has been much more difficult to live than it was to make
So when I saw this little bit of video on the Ninniku blog I really wanted to share it here too…

Although canceled, my new found friends here in Japan as well as some people I have known for a long time and are very dear to my heart, rocked on over to my house anyway, and they didn’t just visit they brought presents, food, cake and fun.

I have to tell you that while I was working my butt off and even though I was tired as and high on glue fumes (you can see the garlic skin fabric in my lap) these people gave me one of the best birthdays I have ever had, I truly felt special and it made me feel that my life here in Japan although tough sometimes will work out after all.

So once again a great big giant thank you to you special people, you know who you are...

Thank You!!!

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