Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lance Corporal Dwayne P. Piggleton

Hey you'll,

Have you guys met Lance Corporal Dwayne P. Piggleton, you may not remember or you are a newbie here in which case WELCOME!!!! (did i just yell?) anyway I blogged about him and his awesome creator SouthernDrawl back in May.

Since then I have been seriously obsessively popping back and checking out this handsome hawt pink piggy on a regular basis, secretly praying he hasn't been snatched up by some one else...

So yesterday after three months of wishing and coveting I decided that I should own this pink little piggy... so I emailed Southern Drawl and inquired....and I am happy to report he will after all be mine.

Embarrassingly (and entirely due to my financial situation) I had to ask if I could pay for him in installments...but I got an email (very nice email BTW) back from SD with an all clear...

How excited am I!?

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