Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Humming - Portishead

Music today is from the rulers of the Trip Hop world, Portishead; this has to be my favorite style of music coming to us form the awesome Bristal underground scene in te UK. This musical style began in the mid 1990s and as a boy that was born in the late 70s it came up at a time in my teenage years when i was making the transition from crazy monsterous teenager  to human being...

This genre also includes some of my other favorite music from Massive Attack, Bonobo, Tricky, Björk, Moloko, Morcheeba, Sneaker Pimps,Lamb and the list goes on....

I had trouble deciding what song to post today so I will post a couple more this week....


Funny Sesame Street Censored

I think this is really very funny and is just for laughs...but please be warned this video may shock, offend and or disturb some viewers. It contains beeps and blured immages that may influence you to think of funny trashy humor and is not suitable for work, grandma's house or impressionable types.

I regressed into a 15 year old school boy today and giggled to myself all day...


he he he...was it funny was it funny??

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cool Shit!

A little bit late but here it is....

If you spend any time with me you will quickly come to know that I am obsessed with texture, this is as I would describe it to my friends..."Like some kind of sickness"
My craziness about texture affects every part of my life from the food I eat, the face wash I use, the soft furnishings in my house(and hard furnishings) the clothes I wear and of course the materials I use in my arty pursuits.

The feel of an object elicits an instant response from me so much so that some of my friends think its funny to get me to try strange foods just to see my face in horror trying to eject the nasty icky feeling from my mouth when I don’t like the texture....thank the gods beer has a good texture!

While I have always preferred sculpture over painting give me a painting that has texture, be it thick globby paintyness or stitchy texture as in Mimilove's(click the link cool shit follows) awesome work; with whom I hope to have a stitchy affair with after our recent stitchy fling...if you not sure what I’m talking can read about it here

Oooh um, side tracted ahh that’s right! Yes, give me a painting with texture and I’m in love... if its a pleasing texture that is! If its a icky texture I may still like it but the likely hood of me wanting it in my house is well...not so high.
Any who thats enough sharing form me; so as im sure you have guessed todays touchy feely goodness Cool shit! is all form artists who make great feely come touch me textury artiness.
Click the names and through the magic of the internets you will be transported to their stores in Etsyland where you can spend, shop and be merry!


floaty paper mobiles

felt wall art and iphone/gadget covers

Handmade modern paper Polish ornaments

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monsterosity news

Hey all, how is everybody this fine evening? Keeping your selves busy and off the streets I hope!
I know it has been a crazy busy time for a lot of my friends and boy it feels like thats an understatement for us here at Monsterosity.

To start us off, hot off the machine and just in at Monsterosity… leopard print mini pouches… please slide your eyes over to the right sidebar check em out and by all means feel free to pop on over to the shop  but don’t forget to read all the other good goss below.

On the good news front...  A couple of weeks ago Monsterosity entered a competition on a bit of a whim and I am very happy to report that we are one of 23 artists selected to be involved in an exhibition at Art Box International Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. Cool huh? Very excited here!!!
The Exhibition is running from the 8th of August so I’ll be sure to keep you updated and of course post some pics of the event after the fact….
And last but not least …While crazy busy seems to be the norm here in Yokohama, I have non the less been trying to do a little bit of monster making every day even if its just 15 minutes, an eye an ear a leg or whatever… so below are a couple work in progress pictures of some new critters to come…

I hope you like them and Ill keep you updated on their progress…

Ps: While I ran out of time to put together my usual “Cool Shit” I’ll be sure to put something together for next week…I promise!

Those of you waiting on things to come in the mail... You know who you are! Your long wait will soon be over as there has been a seriously major organization overhaul going on. Again ill keep ya posted!
 Thanks for reading

Have a kick ass awesome day!!!

Art Toy Industry Inside Report - Michael Kwong Part III of III

As promised part three of the interview with Michael Kowng vinyl toy designer and illustrator… Interesting stuff dont you think?


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art Toy Industry Inside Report - Michael Kwong Part II of III

As promised part two of an interview with Michael Kowng vinyl toy designer and illustrator… part three to come.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Massive Attack - Protection

Another oldie this week but as the saying goes it’s a goody

I have been listening to Massive Attack for a long time and today Id like to share an all time favorite and classic song that I really think is timeless.... Still in the laid back chill out mood as the Jazz Vandals’ last music video post.


Art Toy Industry Inside Report - Michael Kwong Part I of III

Here is a really cool interview I found with Micheal Kwong a vinyl toy designer.

Michael Kwong of Locoism (HK) designed a series of 3"ish tall vinyl-figures called the The Galaxy Bunch: Virus Series and is also an illustrator.
This is a really great interview and is in three parts....I'll post over the next couple days…but if you cant wait by all mean you can watch the rest on You Tube….ahh I love You tube…


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

jazz vandall's - summertime

I noticed the other day that the music vids I have been posting have been a bit heavy so today I wanted to share an old favorite that usually accompanies me at home chilling out (working from home) and being that the weather is really starting to warm up I thought it was an appropriate theme.

This song is from an old album called ‘Serve Chilled 2’, the song is a cover of the old classic “Summertime” and is performed the Jazz Vandall's

There’s no funky clip here just some smooth chill out music to listen to while you read and surf away the morning or night as the case may be where ever you are.

This is a great album and well worth owning and I will most defiantly post more like this in the future.



Monday, June 7, 2010

Making Munny/ Interview with Francisco Govea

This is an awesome interview with Francisco Govea and this is a great vid on how customized a Munny to be used as a promotional figure for the company he works for....

Man... He has the best job in the world!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cool Shit!

Todays cool shit comes from the etsy shop Hello Again Monsters by artist Romiette in the lovely city of Seattle.

I came across Romiette's shop by pure accident this week after she stumbled upon Monsterosity and marked me as a fave, I was then instantly a fan after seeing her awesome colours, all the vinyl and of course monsters...
Inspired by graffiti art her monsters are brightly coloured and graphic in there design aesthetic.... each one is individual and completely handmade. Romiette designs, manufactures and sells these "bad boys" (as she aptly calls them) all herself.

Here are some photos of her work... Check em out then rush over and visit her shop

After visiting her shop, you can stalk Romiette at her blog

Do you love monsters?


While I love the vinyl toy world on an obsession level I have to say I love the plush world just as much and plush monsters even more… However with work in the real world taking up so much time it has been far tooooo long since I have been able to sit down and craft up any monsters...

Hopefully I can find some time soon to create some more monster mayhem, untill then...
Do you love monsters too?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

VAST - Pretty When You Cry

Vast again this week, this is one of my fave Vast songs but please be warned this video may shock, offend and or disturb some viewers. It contains course language and is not suitable for work, grandma's house or young impressionable types.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UREDD - munny customizing

While doing a little customizing research I came across this cool vid on You shows how cool, fun and simple it can be to paint and customise a toy...